High Speed Rollover Excursion Study


In order to develop a more complete understanding of vehicle occupant kinematics in a rollover crash, dynamic testing is often required.  SAFE Laboratories has developed a high speed rollover testing fixture which makes it possible to study dynamic occupant excursion in an efficient and repeatable manner.  A test vehicle buck is mounted into a rotating fixture which is driven by a precisely controlled electric motor. The fixture can be accelerated to speeds of up to 720 degrees per second and beyond.  A Hybrid ATD (test dummy) can be placed inside the vehicle buck, and an extensive variety of sensors and photography equipment may be installed to suit any testing needs.  Onboard equipment can be activated at any time during the test.  For example, a seatbelt pretensioner can be deployed when a specified roll angle or rotational velocity is reached. Alternative restraint designs can be installed allowing for study of changes in occupant kinematics resulting from different restraint designs conditions.  Data and video collected from the fixture provide a complete assessment of occupant motions during the test.  State of the art motion tracking software can be applied to the video footage to obtain a data trace of occupant motion throughout the test without any physical instrument contact with the ATD.