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SAFE Laboratories’ roots date back nearly 20 years with its founders bringing together a combined experience of more than 60 years in the fields of automotive engineering and safety analysis. Our engineers are not only knowledgeable about government safety regulations and test requirements, but have also investigated and studied thousands of real-world crashes. During the course of our research and analysis we have developed specialized test equipment to allow us to evaluate and study a wide range of automotive safety systems under the complex dynamics to which they are subjected in real world crashes. Our 34,000 square foot facility near Santa Barbara, CA (90 minutes north of Los Angeles) includes a dynamic crash testing laboratory, numerous component test fixtures, vehicle storage, inspection bay, and a machine shop for mechanical fabrication and disassembly. With our wide range of in-house expertise, SAFE Laboratories can offer expert insight into any transportation safety related issue.

A more detailed description of each of the founders' background is contained in the following Curriculum Vitaes.

Steve Forrest, Partner

Steve Meyer, Partner

Brian Herbst, Managing Partner