Airbag Deployment Testing


Airbag induced injuries continue to occur in large numbers of automotive accidents each year.  Airbag deployment tests can assist in determining the deployment characteristics of various airbags.  We offer the ability to run a wide range of deployment tests.  Static deployments performed on a test stand or in the vehicle allow for the documentation of the unloaded airbag.  High speed imaging, typically up to 3000 frames per second, reveals the airbags unfolding patterns and its trajectory through the occupant compartment.  Motion analysis software can be utilized to establish the speed of the airbag at various locations during the deployment. To understand the influence the second stage delays, dual stage airbags can be fired with varying delay times between stages. Hybrid III test dummies are also available for use during the deployments in order to gather data on occupant loads, accelerations and potential injury measures.


Infant Car Seat Airbag Deployment


Left Front Airbag Deployment


Right Front Airbag Deployment